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2022 Awaits

Desert Safari

  • Hold on tight and take off on a 4x4 adventure through the rolling sand dunes of Qatar.
  • Stop and take in sensational panoramas of the island sea separating Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
  • Relax at Bedouin-style camps, featuring large carpeted tents, traditional seating and modern conveniences.

Souq Wakif

  • Our Cultural Session is designed for guests to learn more about the Qatari culture and aims to avoid or overcome cultural shock.
  • This labyrinth bazaar, whose name translates to "standing market," is the Qatari capital's oldest souq and a major tourist destination on its own and is a bustling marketplace of artisans and craftspeople.

Al Shaqab

  • Al Shaqab stands as an enduring tribute to the Arabian horse
  • Featuring everything that sets a life of a pampered and trained Arabian horse, a tour to this center is a special one.
  • Located at the place where the great war of Al Shaqab between Qataris and the Turks happened in 1893;

Dhow Cruise

  • Feel transported back to the days of early sea travel on the Indian Ocean, aboard an authentic Dhow.
  • Sail on the crystalline waters in opulent fashion and enjoy sweeping panoramas of the Arabian Gulf.
  • Anchor in a tranquil setting to go for swim or snorkel the vibrant coral reefs below the surface.

Discover Qatar

Doha City Tour

  • Embark on a tour through Doha for a look at the strikingly modern and unfailingly traditional extremes of life in Qatar.
  • Join the locals at the Souq Waqif, a bustling marketplace of artisans and craftspeople.
  • Tour the Museum of Islamic Arts, home to a priceless collection of artefacts from around the globe.
  • Visit “The Pearl”, a manmade island created in the shape of an oyster.

North of Qatar

  • Embark on a sightseeing journey that showcases the unique history and rich traditions that emanate through Qatar.
  • Visit Al Khor Harbor, not too long ago the center of the country’s prosperous pearl diving industry.
  • Explore the archeological ruins of the Zubara Fort and witness the excavations taking place today.
  • Stop at the north point of Qatar, called Al Shamal, where on a clear day Bahrain can be seen in the distance.

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